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Maximizing Discount Mixer Efficiency: Overcoming Shopify Limitations
Maximizing Discount Mixer Efficiency: Overcoming Shopify Limitations

Ensure your discounts always apply - here's how to keep your promotions running smoothly.

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At Discount Mixer, we strive to make your promotional efforts as effective and seamless as possible. However, specific Shopify limitations might affect the visibility and functionality of discounts within your store, potentially causing them not to appear in the cart or checkout on the storefront. This guide addresses two key issues - Automatic Discounts Limitation and checkout.liquid File Usage for Shopify Plus users - and provides straightforward solutions to ensure your campaigns run without interruption.

Automatic Discounts Limitation

Shopify limits the number of active automatic discounts to 5 across third-party apps and 25 for the store. If exceeded, this limit can prevent new campaigns from functioning correctly.

To avoid disruptions:

  • Monitor your active discounts regularly.

  • Ensure the number of automatic discounts does not surpass Shopify's limits.

  • Deactivate unused discounts to make room for new campaigns.

Checkout.liquid File Usage (Shopify Plus Users)

Shopify has deprecated the checkout.liquid file, which affects Shopify Plus stores. This deprecation can lead to compatibility issues with Shopify functions and third-party apps, including Discount Mixer.

To resolve this issue:

  • Transition to Shopify's Checkout Extensibility for improved compatibility and functionality.

  • This upgrade ensures all store features and third-party apps operate correctly without relying on the outdated checkout.liquid file.

Reach Out for Support

Remember, our team is always here to help. Should you need further assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime via our support email. We're committed to ensuring your success with Discount Mixer.

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