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Activate and Customize Your Shopify App Embed Block
Activate and Customize Your Shopify App Embed Block

Storefront configurations

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To enable our general banner on your storefront, follow these steps:

  1. Locate our app theme extension in two ways: Directly access it via a link on our app's homepage after creating a campaign, or navigate through Online Store -> Themes -> Current Theme -> Customize -> App Embeds (using the right navigation bar), and search for 'Discount Mixer'.

  2. Activate Features: Manually check the "Show general banner" and "Discount Mixer embed" options if they're not already enabled.

  3. Adjust Title: Modify the banner title to meet your store's requirements.

  4. Preview: Check that your "General banner" appears as intended.

  5. Save Changes: Remember to click "Save" to apply your customizations.

Below is an image to visually guide you through these steps.

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